Since COVID-19, I feel that the current situation in the world has changed drastically.

Before starting this season's project, I had a major rethinking of the design, and thought that I wanted to express " PEACE" as much as possible.

YOKO ONO and JOHN LENON were the first two that came to mind for the BOW WOW designers.

The designers wanted to express John Lennon's " POWER TO THE PEOPLE " as much as they could in their clothes.

John and Yoko often use hand signs.

Peace, fist, funk sign

We drew John's fist from the record jacket of POWER TO THE PEOPLE and printed it.

I think I was able to create a sweatshirt that can also reproduce the momentum of the PV that we have seen many times.

The design is based on John's song in the rontie.

POWER TO THE PE OPLE" that we want to convey from the heart now.

"power to the people" ls




The print expresses the atmosphere of peeled off prints and cracks seen in vintage products.

The faded feeling of the body is also realistic.

The fist on the sleeve expresses the power that John gave to the people at that time.

John was so powerful that he was targeted by President Nixon.

These two colors are soaked prints.

The back has "POWER TO THE PEOPLE" stenciled by hand.

Wearing size XL

Wearing size L

A powerful message, something the designer wants to convey.

It can be said that this item is suitable to symbolize this season.

It is also a recommended item for those who like vintage.


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