Continuing from yesterday, we will introduce today another item from the BOW WOW 21FW COLLECTION by Cummings Soon.


Since COVID-19, we feel that the current situation in the world has changed drastically.

Before starting this season's project, I thought that I wanted to express " PEACE" as much as possible when I reconsidered the design.

YOKO ONO and JOHN LENON were the first two BOW WOW designers that came to mind.

This is a print of " WORKING CLASS HERO," which is the name of a song by John and also famous as the T-shirt he wears.

Then, using the image of Nike's shoulder-length T-shirt, which is now in the mood for vintage wear, we added John's beloved sneaker Spring Court to the shoulder-length print.

The image of John taking off his shoes and hanging them on his shoulders.

John, who loved spring coats and had several, also wore them on ABBEY ROAD, famous for the Beatles jacket on the crosswalk.

John Lennon's WORKING CLASS HERO T-shirt




Reproduction of the over-peeled print found on vintage shoulder-length T-shirts.

The back of the shirt also has a leg hanging from the back.

165cm / size L

Also, new information will be updated from BOW WOW's instagram account tomorrow.

Please enjoy the new world view.

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