Now, we have already received inquiries about the 21FW COLECTION items that we have been introducing over the past few days, and we are looking forward to the launch of the collection even more.

We will be sharing more details with you when it goes on sale this weekend.

Now, we would like to introduce the following items today as well.


Since COVID-19, I feel that the current situation in the world has changed drastically.

Before starting this season's project, I had a major rethinking of the design and thought that I wanted to express " PEACE" as much as possible.

YOKO ONO and JOHN LENON were the first two that came to mind.

I drew Yoko Ono using the famous vintage SNOOPY sweatshirt character as a motif, thinking of the live concert she attended wearing the helmet of the PLASTIC ONO BAND.

That live concert is said to be the original inspiration for Kiyoshiro Imawano's Timer's Helmet, and Stevie Wonder also performed at that legendary concert.

john lennon live at madison square garden, 1972. performing "give peace a chance.

Incidentally, the "Rebellion" on the helmet is an acronym for the Communist League Rebellion Faction of the early 1970s.

The helmet symbolizes the party that appealed to make anti-violence and anti-war a socially accepted norm.





Illustration inspired by Yoko Ono

Historical helmet

PEACENIK" meaning anti-war activist

Power of Peace

Printed with the words " GIVE PEACE A CHANCE", the debut song of PLASTIC ONO BAND in 1969

Colors inspired by vintage SNOOPY cut-and-sew

Wearing size L

All colors are very attractive.

Especially for vintage lovers, we think you will like blue and mustard.

This season's concept, "PEACENIK", is turning out to be a very good item.

I want you to wear it over and over again.


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