The official collaboration item, which has been in progress under the surface, will go on sale this weekend, starting Saturday.

The sales will be limited to our store "C30" only, and the quantity of the special piece will be completely limited.

The sweatshirt items are BOW WOW's signature items, but this time we are releasing sweatshirt items with special content and a different approach from the BOW WOW collection items.


Los Angeles Apparel is a brand that focuses on the West Coast style of the U.S.A., with a basic , yet modern and transient trend. LOS ANGELES APPAREL Los Angeles Apparel is a factory brand that pursues the ultimate American basics that are not influenced by the West Coast style.
The huge apparel factory in Los Angeles, a world-class metropolis, is committed to "Made in the USA" andproduces everything from fabric production to sewing in the U.S. under thorough quality control.
The fabrics and production lines created by the local climate produce products and quality that cannot be made in Japan, which led to BOW WOW's special order.
The special order fabric is the absolute ace of Los Angeles Apparel, the heaviest 14 oz.
The ultimate Made in USA fle ece that will be handed down to future generations, reminiscent of the CAMBER of the 90's.
The aura of the next vintage is already emanating from this item, and it will captivate anyone who sees it.

We will provide product details and sales schedule tomorrow.

Please wait for further information.


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