10/16 (sat) 販売 / LOS ANGELES APPAREL × BOW WOWアイテムリスト

The release of the "LOS ANGELES APPAREL × BOW WOW / 14oz HEAVY FLEECE series" collaboration item is scheduled for tomorrow, and we have been receiving many inquiries as soon as the information is released.

Details regarding sales will be listed at the end of this blog, so please be sure to read it through to the end.

The contents of this collaboration item are as follows.

14oz HEAVY FLEECE HOODIE ¥15,400 (in tax)

Los Angeles Apparel, which strips down design and proposes universal everyday wear, is at the core of the special order design.
Based on Los Angeles Apparel's 14oz sweatshirt special quality, the size balance has been changed to create this special order.
The image is that of an XXXL size hoodie from the 90s. Of course, it is not something you can find even if you look for it in vintage clothing.
The width, sleeve width, and shoulder width are too wide, the neck is too big, the hood is not too small, but the length is not too long.
The length grade is not too long, which feels more like the XXXL size of 90's American casual wear.
When worn, the slightly narrowed hem ribs and the puddle of fabric on the sleeve ribs are details that feel current and are focused on in the design.
A special piece has been created by employing a spindle that is not included in the regular line.
Please try this addictive wear that you will love even when it is tattered and worn out.
This is an item that BOW WOW approaches as a one-size-fits-all, unisex proposal from the ground up, something that does not exist in the original.

color / ash gray


14oz HEAVY FLEECE PANTS ¥11,000 (in tax)

Los Angeles Apparel, which strips down design and proposes universal everyday wear, is at the core of this special order design.
What to design based on the special quality of Los Angeles Apparel's 14oz sweatshirts?
Every season we dig into the sweatpants that BOW WOW loves, and we felt that Los Angeles Apparel 's sweatpants, which began to attract attention in Japan in 2020, would be a great thing to leave behind for future generations.
It is a completely different direction from the sweatpants that BOW WOW makes.
The special order we came up with here is a print of BOW WOW's charming Dokkekake.
Hi My Name is by Emi0em, inspired by the self-introduction nameplate label "Hello My Name is" loved in the USA.
The name is blank so that you can write it down yourself.
It is not visible when you wear it, but when you see it, you can feel America and BOW WOW in this good-aging print.

color / ash gray

color / black

This special collaboration with LOS ANGELES APPAREL, which has the persuasive power of being MADE IN USA, is a one-of-a-kind finish.

This gem of a collaboration, born from the sweatshirt love of the BOW WOW designers, is definitely worth checking out.

This item will be sold only at our store "C30 ".

Below are the details of the sale.

C30 online store / Sales start at 11:00

C30 in-store sales: 13:00 - start of sales

The online store and in-store sales inventory for this sale will be announced separately.

Please feel free to contact us by phone even if the product is sold out at the online store.

Please understand that it may take some time for us to reply to your DM.

In addition, please check our C30 instagram stories to see if there are any items in stock that will be transferred from the store to the online store.

Please note that we do not plan to restock this item.

We hope you enjoy tomorrow's launch.


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