The coach jacket with the classic logo, the only one used for a long period of time in the 90s since the brand's initial 95 and 2ND stadium jacket, is a representative item of GOOD ENOUGH, which created the coach jacket culture on the street.
The number of the original coach jackets available at that time was small and always at a high peak. If it comes to it, it is even more difficult to obtain due to the renewed interest in the backstreet brand in recent years.
GOOD ENOUGH, which uses coach jackets made in USA by DUNBROOKE, not UNITED SPORTS, resonates with us.

color : BLUE

size : M

■Length : 71cm Body width : 65cm Shoulder width : 51cm

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There is a small stain mark of about 2mm under the front right pocket.

There is a white stain mark near the left elbow. (Photo)

There is a sense of use, but there is no damage that is noticeable.

Please purchase this item on the understanding that it is a used item.

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