C30's vtg select for BEAMS

C30's vintage select for BEAMS HARAJUKU

2021.09.17 (fri) - 9.26 (sun)

BOW WOW x BEAMS "Hoodie / Sweat pants" Release

In order to make the release of the BOW WOW sweatshirt set-up even more interesting, BOW WOW's concept store "C30" has selected vintage items that can be coordinated with the set-up.
For outerwear, we


a large selection of stadium jackets with a culture-loving twist , sweatshirts ranging from vintage to items that are currently gaining popularity , and T-shirts with a strong sense of culture.
We are sure you will enjoy the items that you can't find easily.

Please come to BEAMS HARAJUKU.


In addition to the products introduced on @c30_tokyo, we would like to introduce all of them here at once.

Please note that all of the items listed are products that will be sold at BEAMS Harajuku for a limited time only.

Arista Records All Leather Roots Stadium Jacket 90s

Reversible Nubuck Stadium Jacket 40s

Golden Bear Solid Stadium Jacket

Stussy One Love Lion Crown Stadium Jacket

Haze Stadium Jacket

Columbia Logo Stadium Jacket

Champion Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion Lands' End Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion Lands' End Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion Rib Line Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion C Reverse Weave Hoodie 90s

Champion Solid Reverse Weave Hoodie 80s

Champion Coast Guard Sweat Shirts

Champion Morgan Sweat Pants 70s

Champion USAFA Sweat Pants

W-face Hoodie 60s

Reversible Sweat Shirts

Champion NYAC Wing Foot Hoodie

Powell Peralta Bones Sweat Pants deadstock

Derby of Sanfrancisco Derby Jacket 80s

Thrasher Jason, Christian and Mark Sweat Shirts

Haze Eric Haze Hoodie

Ruff Ryders Ride Or Die Hoodie

Tie-Dye Sweat Shirts Polyester

Two Tone Sweat Shirts

W-face Hoodie 60s

Separate Pocket Zip Up Sweat Shirts 60s

Adidas Run Dmc Sweat Shirts 80s

Brooks Brothers Big Pin Stripe B.D. Shirts Usa

Brooks Brothers Big Black Watch Oxford B.D. Shirts

Brooks Brothers Big Oxford B.D. Shirts

Nick & Nora Kurt Cobain Pajama Pants

Nick & Nora Kurt Cobain Pajama Pants Jersey

Patagonia Synchirlla Shirring Coat '96

Patagonia Synchirlla Fleece Shirts '97

Patagonia Zip Fleece Shirts '90s

USAF Stadium Jacket 50s

Nike Marathon LS 80s

Champion LA Raiders Raglan Win Tee 80s

Nike Air Jordan Hoodie 80s

Massive Attack Levis Massive Attack Mzzanine Tee 90s

Good Rabel Logo Tee Kanye West Label

The Smathing Pumpkins Mwllon Collie Tee 90s

Public Image Ltd Tee 70s-early 80s

White Zombie Tee 90s

Kraftwerk Tee 80s

Indiana Jones Tee 90s

Kill Bill Tee

Dr. Doom's Revenge Tee 80s

The Joker Tee

Batman 80s

Snatch Dolce & Gabbana Tee

James Bond Tee 90s

Kiyoshi Yamashita Tee

Mattise 90s

Jean Michel Basquiat Miles Davis Tee

Haze But Haze K.Harring Tee 90s

Patricia Field Tee

U.S. Navy Goretex Norex Jacket

Element Skateboards Listen To Bob Marley Tee 90s

The above items will be on sale at BEAMS Harajuku during the pop-up period.

In addition to the products introduced on the "PICK UP" page and the C30 installation, we also have a selection of other products, so please look forward to seeing them until the day of the event.

2021.09.17 (fri) - 9.26 (sun) ... at BEAMS Harajuku at BEAMS Harajuku

Please be sure to check the dates of the event.


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