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The "K.O.D.P." series is an iconic series that cannot be missed in the 21SS COLLECTION.


We have received many inquiries about the item shown in the photo of Mr. MURO wearing it in our last blog, so today we would like to introduce a few of the items.


color / navy × brown

price / ¥110,000

This season's standby is a stadium jacket with an aura of adult sexiness that is obvious at a glance.

The sagara patches are scattered with MURO's masterpieces.

KING OF DIGGIN'," a mix of the 90's that will make any fan of MURO's work realize once again the difference in his level of skill.

TASTE OF CHOCOLATE," a mix of R&B flavors.

TROPICOOOOL BOOGIE" is a mix work along with the summery "DIGGIN' ICE".

Both of these items use the iconic jacket of Mr. MURO's iconic works and incorporate them as designs in the fashion scene connecting the past to the present.

The RECOGNIZE brand name designed by ERIC HAZE, who has known Mr. MURO since the 90's, is also embroidered.

The designer, who loves USA, made the product in the home country of USA.

The original patterns, fabrics, leather, and parts arranged in the U.S.A. give the item a feeling of the good old days in the U.S.A.

The tone arm equipped with the barrelhouse cartridge of DJ MURO's favorite turntable and the "45" of 45RPM indicating a 7-inch record are both finished with a sagara wappen, creating a high-class drift and a classic mood.

This is the spirit of "DIGGIN IN THE CRATES", an item that has been thoroughly researched.

Please take a listen to the "sound" of the past mixes released by Mr. MURO, who is also known as the "KING OF DIGGIN'".

I am sure you will enjoy wearing clothes with a different feeling than before.

It will be available soon.

Next BLOG, the "K.O.D.P." series will continue.


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