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The collaboration items will be on sale from March 26th.


The item has been leaked with Mr. MURO wearing it, so it is sure to be a collaboration item that is already the talk of the town.



READYMADE, which boasts great popularity in the American hip-hop industry, has teamed up with DJ MURO, Japan's own KINGOF DIGGIN', to create an ambitious work that combines
DJ MURO's beloved jacket with READYMADE's signature vintage bandanna patchwork and Kurt Cobain's signature "BANDANNA
The jacket is made with the reversible patchwork of vintage bandanas, which READY
is known for, and the heart and crown pattern worn by Kurt Cobain.


, which boasts great popularity in the American hip-hop industry, has teamed up with DJ MURO, the KING OF DIGGIN' from Japan, to create an ambitious work.
The reversible overalls are made with the vintage bandana patchwork that READYMADE is known for, and the heart and crown pattern worn by Kurt Cobain.
The miraculous new design and detailing of reversible overalls is the work of READYMADE.

The sale will be limited to the concept store "2G" on the 2nd floor of Shibuya Parco, which is absolutely trusted for its sharp fashion sensitivity and aesthetics.

Please inquire about the products at 2G.

In addition, the following POP UP will be held in conjunction with the sale of this item.

DJ MURO's brand RECOGNIZE has chosen the concept store "2G" to sell the collaboration items with READYMADE.
The collaboration items with READYMADE, using old bandanas and showing off their cleverness, are a gem.
RECOGNIZE, which is now in full swing, will be releasing other collaborations this spring, all of them simultaneously, with a focus on New York, the city that MURO himself loves and where the blood of hip-hop flows through his veins. The contents of the collection are surprisingly limited to AFRIKA BAMBAATAA x GRAND GALLERY x RCOGNIZE and STYLE WARS x RCOGNIZE.

Please note that the quantity will be especially limited due to the limited production.
DJ MURO, who has been active in fashion in the past, has also collaborated with a wide range of fashion brands including STUSSY, CARHARTT, and NORTH FACE. With MURO's image in mind, RECOGNIZE head store C30 has selected a selection of vintage items. The selection includes old Stussy items, rap, soul, funk, and other music-related clothing, as well as clothing that MURO has made in the past.

C30's selection of vintage clothing will be on sale for this memorable launch.

As we do every time, we will be releasing a very enthusiastic lineup, so please look forward to further updates.

We will introduce C30's selections in the next blog.

We are sure that you will be full of both quantity and content, so be sure to check back and don't overlook anything.

We will also introduce different products from those posted on Instagram here on the blog, so please look forward to it.


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