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Although we have not introduced them on our Instagram for a while, we always have more than 300 cassette tapes for sale in our C30 storefront.

We have been selling them for a while, but we always have more than 300 cassette tapes for sale in our C30 store.

All of the cassette tapes are for sale, so please take a look at them.

We would also like to introduce one of our pickups here.

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE / Megatop Phoenix

Release 1989 - Alternative rock

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE " a.k.a. "BAD", the band that Mick Jones formed with Don Letts and others after the Clash, is one of C30's essential bands. Their mix of hip-hop, punk rock, reggae, dub, acid, and other styles makes their music a must-hear.

Although the above is related to "BAD II," C30 has been introducing their products in our vintage selection for a long time.

We have their posters on display in our store, and we also select OLD STUSSY, which makes them even more inseparable from us.

Also, "BAD II" is reflected in BOW WOW's products.

You can read more about it here on our blog.

As of now, there is only one cassette tape of theirs that we have selected.

The cassette tape is one of the best parts to enjoy the index inside.

You can find out about the fashion of the time, the art direction of the jacket, the artists with whom they were close friends, and many other discoveries.

We feel that the package size condensed into this compact size is a perfect place for artistic expression, so be sure to take a look at it as well.


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