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Sneakers information was released yesterday.


This is the second release, and we have received a lot of inquiries from customers, and it seems that both those who already have the first model and users of MIHARA's sneakers are looking forward to this new model, which is the first velcro model.

We will keep you updated on the details of the new model until it goes on sale, so we hope you will enjoy the new model until it goes on sale.


Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO's conceptual shoe design with a difference.

The first version of the "VELCRO" SNEAKER is a pair of shoes that combine the DIG style of the RECOGNIZE designer DJ MURO and the 90s culture of the BOW WOW style.

The second version features the OG Sole sneaker "HANK" model popular at Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO.

The upper design pays homage to the vulcanized velcro sneaker, a classic from 90s culture.

The cut-off patchwork design of the first version has been inherited, and the inside-out specifications that BOW WOW continues to transmit have been incorporated.

The inside-out design of the sneaker is cut off from the inside of the canvas fabric, and the inside of the sneaker is cut off from the outside, which gives the sneaker a more sophisticated look as it is worn.

The pith name of each brand is applied on the tongue to give the sneaker a collaborative look that is unique and attractive.


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