With the renewal of the C30 website, we have started a new approach, "USED in STOCK".

We hope you will enjoy this new platform, which will allow you to feel the world view of C30's vintage selections a little closer to the people who are browsing.

We hope that you will enjoy our director's unique and original sense of picks.

For the first issue, we will present "OLD STUSSY" as our main dish.

Everyone involved in the vintage clothing industry is aware of the fact that prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

The recent trend of Sean Stussy, the founder of the brand, is also a situation that one cannot take one's eyes off of, and there are especially collectible items from the early days of the brand.

The special contents of this issue are a collection of gems that will no doubt be difficult to introduce in the future.

We have also prepared a selection of special pieces of sunglasses.

We hope that you will enjoy this new content, "USED in STOCK", as one of the fun parts of C30.

We hope you will enjoy the "OLD STUSSY" related items first, as we have not yet decided on the next action.


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