The pop-up event at the BEAMS Harajuku store started yesterday, and even though it was a weekday, we had a great number of visitors on the first day of the event.

I myself was present at the BEAMS Harajuku store before the opening of C30, and I was very impressed with the response and the enjoyment of the customers who came to shop.

The BOW WOW sweatshirts for this season are also very well finished, and the special order at BEAMS is a masterpiece.

I could also sense great expectations for the sweatshirt series that is about to be released as part of the inline collection in the future.

From the sweatshirts that will be on sale soon, we would like to introduce these today.


Since COVID-19, I feel that the current situation in the world has changed drastically.

Before starting this season's project, I thought about expressing " PEACE" as much as possible when I rethought the design.

YOKO ONO and JOHN LENON were the first two that came to mind.

Using the famous vintage SNOOPY sweatshirt character as a motif, I drew Yoko Ono wearing the helmet of the PLASTIC ONO BAND at a live concert.

That live concert is said to be the original inspiration for Kiyoshiro Imawano's Timer's Helmet, and Stevie Wonder also performed at that legendary concert.

john lennon live at madison square garden, 1972. performing "give peace a chance.

Incidentally, the "Rebellion" on the helmet is an acronym for the Communist League Rebellion Faction of the early 1970s.

The helmet symbolizes the faction that appealed to make anti-violence and anti-war a socially accepted norm.

Near the collar rib, a realistic reproduction of the worn image.

Design of SNOOPY motif character, inspired by Yoko Ono's live performance at Madison Square Garden



GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" sung and chanted at the live concert is printed.

Realistic stains and small holes

Vintage-inspired fabrics are the key to this design.

YOKO's first delivery of long sleeve T-shirts was also very promising.

The next sweatshirt will be processed with BOW WOW's signature technique, and we are sure that vintage lovers will be pleased with the result.


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