Finally, BOW WOW will be closing the last of the last delivery items of the 21 FW COLLECTION with a suitable item.

I think the most notable feature of this season was "processing" in general.

Vintage lover designers have experienced, seen, and held things in their hands, all of which have been packed into the realistic aging process and damage.

Sweatshirt items were especially iconic this season.

The last item was a leather item that was processed in a different way.

While there are not many techniques that can do this, BOW WOW has succeeded in pursuing from pursuit to pursuit, and has succeeded in taking shape through the "DIGGIN' IN THE CREATES" slogan that the brand has set as its very slogan.

This item, which will not be able to be imitated by any means, has become a gem item finished in the wear that can surely enjoy further evolution in the next season, although it will be a little early story in the item that must be checked by all means.


The leather down jacket, a representative item of the 90's, is a piece of excitement again now.

And we have added the fringe that has been making our spirits soar lately.

I think we have created a down jacket that has never been seen before.

The processing of the jacket is based on the theme of aging from a light color, which is different from the vintage style.

The detachable hood expresses the "play" that comes with wearing the jacket.


With detachable hood and spindles.

Made of thick white wooden lined wool, which is not often made in Japan.

Large pointed hood like 90s reverse.

The aging process of the hood lining is also expressed by the processing of the hood lining.

The down-filled stand collar goes well with the fur-lined hood.

High design detail with long fringe inserted into the body.

Highly practical hand pockets.

Wearing size L


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