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The TOKYO FM radio program "KING OF DIGGIN'" by DJ MURO and the event "DIGGIN' TOWER" by "TOWER VINYL SHINJUKU" of Shinjuku TOWER RECORDS started today. VINYL".

It is located on the 10th floor of Flags, just off Shinjuku Station.

I went there today.

The large corner, organized with the sense of the radio program "KING OF DIGGIN'," was a sight to behold.

The elaborate space, down to the smallest detail, shows the creator's passion for "KING OF DIGGIN'".

We look forward to seeing more of this corner, which changes according to the theme of the exhibition.

Even the DIGGIN' TOWER VINYL logo was created!

You can check all the setlists that DJ MURO played on the radio.

You can read the setlists with a QR code!

What a great corner!

Next to TOWER VINYL's records, we found DIGGIN' ICE 2020 T-shirts and tote bags by RECOGNIZE x GEP, which are on sale today.

The link between the music and DJ MURO's brand RECOGNIZE was a very happy moment.

Thanks to your support, these items were sold out in each store on the same day!

C30 was closed today, so we started with EC sales, but they sold out immediately.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

At TOWER RECORDS, it is only available at Shinjuku store, Shibuya store, and online, and each store has different stock.

Please check TOWER RECORDS ONLINE at the following link.


When GEP is involved, even the packaging is beautiful, as one would expect.

GEP started as an apparel brand with this product.

This is an apparel brand based on the concept of " Excavating (Excavat)" music (groove ), created by Art Director Yusuke Yoshinaga ( www.sol-la.jp ), who has created nearly 1,000 CD jackets for artists from the major scene to the underground. Groove Excavator Production ( GEP).

Director Yusuke Yoshinaga YOSHINAGA yusuke
After working for Koyo Konishi's label, readymade international, established solla Inc. in 2006. He has worked on advertising, catalogs, CD jackets, packaging, editorial, and other projects from art direction to finishing. He has produced about 1,000 CD jackets.
He is also a record collector with over 10,000 records and DJs at Organ bar in Shibuya and other places in Tokyo. Regular events include "La Verdad" @ Organ bar on the first Saturday of every month, which celebrated its 21st anniversary, and "Vinyl Junkies Only" @ Organ bar on the second Friday, hosted by Tatsuo Sunaga, for more than 20 years since its predecessor "Record Bancho" with Tatsuo Sunaga and Koyo Konishi. Inc., he is also involved in the doughnut stand HIGUMA Doughnuts and the doughnut record label DIGUMA Doughnuts.
At solla Inc., he is also involved with the doughnut stand HIGUMA Doughnuts and the doughnut vinyl record label DIGUMA Doughnuts.

Check it out, Mr. Yoshinaga!

The event was packed with lots of people today!

Please check it out!


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