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We have just started selling CHILLIN' ICE 2021 / MIXED BY MURO We have just started to sell the new products.

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And we have written about "SUIKEN / Checkmate Pt.2 - Double Check - feat.GOCCI" the other day.

Please check out the video of the secret story of its production on the previous blog.

Today, I would like to talk about an extension of the above.

Checkmate Pt.2 was recorded 20 years ago on the album "SWEEEET BAAD A*SS ENCOUNTER" featuring the members of KING OF DIGGIN' PRODUCTION (K.O.D.P.), which was led by Mr. MURO. The song "Checkmate feat. Dev Large" was born into this world in 2002.

(Photo from MURO's instagram )

DEV LARGE of BUDDHA BRAND, a legendary genius rapper who is now the pride of Japan.

It has been 20 years since the birth of Checkmate, a cool and cool song with DEV LARGE, who holds the title of No. 2 of the Japanese hip-hop group " K.O.D.P. ".

SUIKEN, who has been with us for a long time, took the helm again, and "Checkamate Pt. 2" was born with cherry chill will, DJ HAZIME, and other allies.

(cherry chill will.'s collection "RUFF,RUGGED-N-RAW -The Japanese Hip Hop Photographs-", DEV LARGE decorates the cover)

The song was also produced by K.O.D.P of Mr. MURO and DJ WATARAI, and DEV LARGE's EL Dorado Records labelmate and ally GOCCI (LUNCH TIME SPEAX) spit "Hip Hop Life The background is filled with a perfect story of "Hip Hop Life," spit by DEV LARGE's EL Dorado Records labelmate, GOCCI (LUNCH TIME SPEAX).

The stadium jacket that Mr. MURO was wearing in the music video was the same jacket used for the "SWEEEET BAAD A*SS ENCOUNTER" released at the time.

The jacket is also worn by graffiti artist GEORGE LEE QUINONES (George Lee Qu inones).

LEE is the graffiti artist who appeared as the main character "Zorro" in the hip-hop movie "WILD STYLE," which was influenced by NAS, PUBLIC ENEMY, BEASTIE BOYS, and many others.

The graphics on this jacket are also scenes reminiscent of WILD TYLE, and the art for SWEEEET BAAD A*SS ENCOUNTER is by LEE.

Further related to MURO, DJ VIBLAM's STILL DIGGIN is also an official collaborator.

This T-shirt is definitely a piece that should go down in history because you can feel the depth of LEE's friendship with the artist. This T-shirt will be available at C30 stores from today.

This stadium jacket, which LEE also wore when "SWEEEET BAAD A*SS ENCOUNTER" was released, has made a comeback after a lapse of 20 years.

In the photo above, Mr. MURO is wearing his personal item with his K.O.D.P. number No. 1 on it.

King of diggin production OFFICIAL STADIUM JACKET, K.O.D.P number is the number carried by each artist, K.O.D.P No.1 is Mr. MURO, K.O.D.P No.2 is Mr. DEV LARGE.

In Checkmate Pt.2, Mr. MURO wears, oh my...he wears the numbering of No.2 DEV LARGE's item in the music video.

It is presumed that he is wearing DEV LARGE's personal item in this music video.

The way Mr. MURO kisses the jacket and flaunts it in the music video made my heart flutter even more when I found out about it.

Please check out the music video for more details.

And lastly, the way he pays the utmost respect to EL Dorado Records, which was founded by Dev Large...................

The more I learn about the back story of the members leading up to this release, the more I get goosebumps after 20 years.

The more I learn about the backstory of the members leading up to this release over the past 20 years, the more I get goosebumps.

The story that has been filled with so many stories up to this point will not be completed here, but it is MURO's story.

The "KING OF DIGGIN'" MURO had another trick up his sleeve.

We will introduce it to you again.

But before that, please check this page and listen to it.

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