A student at HARVARD University who loves to travel created this work based on the image of a worn-out and faded sweatshirt that he remade.

The student planned a trip to see Havana, Cuba, a beautiful city where Hemingway loved and spent his last years and where the waves of culture did not enter until the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States in 2015.

To make the trip more enjoyable, I packed a sweatshirt, a story I made before leaving for the trip.

The katakana "Havado" print T-shirt sold at HARVARD University's purchasing department was replaced by the "Havana" print.

A patch resembling the Cuban flag is attached to the sleeve.

On the back, the pennant print of HARVARD University was replaced with a HAVANA pennant print of Hemingway drinking a mojito, as a motif.

Hemingway's character in the image of this item is also linked to the item released last year, and we believe that the story of BOW WOW can be enjoyed even more by those who have purchased the item.

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