Speaking of BOW WOW, the typical remake items are about to be released this season as well.

The quantity is limited, and we are sure that the items will be highly satisfying as they are handmade items.

Please have a look.

Flux denim pants

Since COVID-19, we feel that the current situation in the world has changed drastically.

Before starting this season's project, when we rethought the design, we wanted to express " PEACE" as much as possible.

BOW WOW designers YOKO ONO and JOHN LENON were the first two that came to mind.

Fluxus," the avant-garde art that YOKO ONO strongly promoted before meeting JOHN LENON

The mark of Fluxus, which started in the early 1960s, was produced using flocking.

Using this flocking, the avant-garde art was expressed in clothing.

The world's most popular standard denim pants were remade.

We obtained a large number of these five-pocket denim pants, including black denim, which have become difficult to collect nowadays.

Artistry is expressed including standard details.

The waist size is M for 32 inches,L for 34 inches, andXL for 36 inches, as printed on the original denim size label.

All lengths are set at 30 inches.

Indigo body with no flocking.

Flux Denim Pants




(*Indigo is a remake of the solid type without print.)

Flocked flocking printed on double knee

This is a technique that is almost no longer used today due to its harmful effects on the human body of the technician.

After the flocking is applied, the flocking is peeled off to show the changes that occur over time.

Aging process on the rivets of the knee-joints

The knee patches are transplanted from another pair of old denim pants.

A simple but complex detailing of the knee patches.

Below the knee is a twisted combination detail that also unifies the 30-inch length.

The hems are unraveled from the seams of worn-in pants and used as a design with a great edge.

Fringes are created by one-washing after unstitching.

The pith name is applied with white paint.

The paper patch is turned inside out and re-fastened

Fluxus-inspired patches with antler buttons to represent George

The back pockets have been removed and lowered and reattached

Worn and faded areas are realistically designed.

Flocked flocking at the knee joints

Highly artistic detailing

Wearing size L

This item is also a comings and goings item.

BOW WOW's specialty is remake items, and more and more people are buying them season after season.

The handmade, one-of-a-kind feel is very appealing.


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