KAZZROCK Onidamari TEE 90s

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Graffiti artist KAZZROC has been active since the 1990s. K.
With his extraordinary sense of artwork, which he has developed in the U.S.A., he has created many records, CD jackets and other works. He has sent many works for various records and CD jackets. He has been active since the 90's as a graffiti artist.
KAZZROC K has led the hip-hop and KAZZROCK has been leading the hip-hop and street scene. The T-shirt for the "Onidamari" event held in 1996 was designed by KAZZROCK. Onidamari is also known as "Onidamari," and is a storytelling event featuring members of the BUDDHA BRAND, an essential part of Japan's hip-hop history, and the Thunder Family. BUDDHA BRAND members, Thunder Family, and others participated in the event, which should be handed down to posterity. and the Thunder Family, who are essential to the history of Japanese hip-hop.
This Japanese hip-hop event T-shirt was designed by KAZZROCK and The design is by KAZZROCK, so heads can't keep quiet about it. This T-shirt is designed by KAZZROCK, and is one of those Japanese Hip Hop event T-shirts.

color : M.GRAY

size : L

length: cm, width: cm, shoulder width: cm

There are some stains inside the neck ribs. (see photo)

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