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GOOD ENOUGH is a brand that specializes in designing simple things with a little design to make them more fashionable.

And everyone fell in love with this sense of style. The GOOD ENOUGH BASIC label, which was developed when the brand was first launched, was a luxury-oriented line that further reduced design and used PURE WOOL and other materials.

This is a derivative of that label, and the GOOD ENOUGH SCR brand, which is only available at UNITED ARROWS, was started. It was a memorable item that was the first GOOD ENOUGH to release the under-sleeve switching detail created by designer HF, and was a phantom item as everyone was unable to obtain it due to its sudden release.

As C30's favorite under-sleeve switching item, we are proud to present this item. The blue knit sleeves are said to be for staff use.

The size is also a size that is sure to be M-TALL. The size balance is perfect for M-TALL.

color : KHAKI

size : MEDIUM - TALL

Length: 66.5cm, Body width: 64cm, Shoulder width: 49.5cm, Sleeve length: 70cm

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There is a small hole of about 1mm in the left chest part. (Photo)

If you are used to wearing old clothes, I think you can wear it without any problem.

There is a sense of use overall, and there is some dirt, etc., but it is old clothes that can still be worn.

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