C.P.COMPANY HOODIE COAT with linner 80's

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The shell is made of a never-before-seen high-density cotton twill that discolors like a tamamushi while maintaining a calm aspect. Shell made of a high-density cotton twill with a luxurious wool ribbed wool liner. The luxurious wool liner with wool ribs.
Military based as seen in many of the Ostie designs of the 80's and 90's, with a detachable liner. military base, removable liner, as seen in many Ostie designs of the 80's and 90's.
C.P. COMPANY C.P. COMPANY's true life style, this jacket has a completely different aura than today's jackets. C.P. COMPANY's true life, and gives off an aura completely different from that of today.
C.P. COMPANY's jackets from the 80's. C.P. COMPANY's jackets from the 80's We are seeing more and more people checking out C.P. COMPANY jackets from the 80's. We feel that the day is near when Osti's sensitivity, research, and enjoyment of making clothes will come into the light of day. We feel that the day is near when Osti's sensibility, research, and enjoyment of making clothes will be exposed to the light of day.


size : 52

Length: 94 cm, Body width: 71 cm, Shoulder width: 58 cm

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