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In the 90's Hikaru, a central figure in the Urahara culture, formed "Tokyo Sex Pistols" with JONIO. He formed "Tokyo Sex Pistols" with JONIO, and dared to hold events such as LONDON NITE.

This is a sweatshirt made of CAMBER, an early item of Hikaru's store and brand "BOUNTY HUNTER". The CAMBER body used by BOUNTY HUNTER and the CHAMPION body used by BOUNTY HUNTER. CHAMPION body has a different aura from those days.

Mr. HF was the first street brand to use the CHAMPION body. but I remember that Mr. HF was the first street brand to use the CHAMPION body. The aura of the body used by street brands in the 90's is different from that of the CAMBER body used by HUNTER. The aura of CHAMPION body is different.

color : navy

size : MEDIUM

Length: 66cm, Body width: 62cm, Shoulder width: 51cm

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If you are used to wearing old clothes, I think you can wear it without any problem.

There is a mark like bleaching agent on the front pocket.

The fade by the aging change is good atmosphere, and it is the old clothes that can still be worn though there is a sense of use overall.

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