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Early Old Stussy rayon shirts have a quallity. Quality at a glance.

The fabric, the pattern, the shape The fabrics, patterns, and shapes are all full of originality and The designer's taste is always clearly expressed and continues to be unique even now. The patterns designed by Sean are not to be seen.

The unique aura that is unparalleled in the patterns designed by Sean is a precious item that is one of STUSSY's true delights.

color : orange base color

size : XL

Length: 82cm, Body width: 67cm, Shoulder width: 57.5cm

There is damage near the right hem of the front body. (see photo)

There is a 1mm mark on the bottom of the left collar and near the left sleeve. (Photo)

There is fraying of the fabric at the left collar. (Photo)

There is a sense of use, but it is the commodity of the state that can still be worn.

Please purchase this item on the understanding that it is a used item.

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