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Hip-hop listeners will surely be moved by THE CHI-LITES, YOUNG HOLT UNLIMITED, BARBARA ACKLIN, DON THOMPSON, BOOBIE KNIGHT & THE UNIVERSAL LADY, VAUGHAN MASON AND CREW and many others. BRUNSWICK RECORDS is a very prestigious label that has belonged to many great names.

A prestigious soul and hip-hop material den, there is always music that everyone loved, even if they don't know the label.

In the 90's DJ MURO kept playing and uplifting everyone BRUNSWICK RECORDS and their masterpieces have now become what hip-hop listeners call staples.

The collaboration between BRUNSWICK RECORDS and DJ MURO seemed inevitable and finally came to fruition.

It is heard that even before the release, the antennas of overseas hip-hop producers are beginning to respond.

DIGGIN' BRUNSWICK" by DJ MURO, released about 10 years ago, is an eternal must-listen.


Outer fabric: 100% nylon

Inner lining: 100% polyester

Cotton 100% poly ester

Ribbed part: acrylic 62%, wool 27%, polyester 9%, polyurethane 2%.

Embroidery: 100% rayon

Decoration: Synthetic leather

The MA-1 , a representative item of AVIREX , which was an official supplier to the U.S. Air Force, has been a favorite of the designer himself for many years and has been the subject of collaborations in the past.

This time, the designer requested this jacket again, this time with a special specification featuring the BRUNSWICK and DAKAR label logos embroidered and patched on the jacket in an extravagant manner. The item is a must-have for music and fashion lovers alike, as it is an item that he has worn many times himself.

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