RECOGNIZE MIX Vol.1 - Eat Meat To The Beat To Funk Inc / MIXED BY MURO

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The first volume is a collaboration with NEW YORK's leading clothing brand "ELEMENTS OF STYLE", and can be called an extra edition of SUPER FUNK BREAKS, and is worthy of the expectations of DJ MURO fans.

The result is a new mix based on the deep and mellow jazz funk of the 70's, but with only hip-hop based on that base.
The colorful content is gripping and reminds us of the kids who were inspired by listening to DJ MURO's mixes during the rise of hip-hop in Japan.

ELEMENTS OF STYLE" is a brand representing NEW YORK that swept NEW YORK and Tokyo in the 90s. In NEW YORK, the brand has become famous through music videos by artists related to DUCK DOWN RECORDS such as SMIF-N-WESSUN, BLACK MOON, BOOT CAMP CLIK, etc. In Japan, the brand has become a huge success through the "SAVAGE! In Japan, the brand has become a major movement through the "SAVAGE!" label run by MURO and worn by important figures in the hip-hop industry.

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