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1980年代よりニューヨークよりHIP HOPアーティストを中心にファッションアイコンとなった事実が根底にはあると言える。
90年代にはWu-Tang Clanの創設メンバー、レイク・ウォンもこよなくワラビーを愛し着用し、同じくグループメンバーのゴーストフェイス・キラーも愛用し続け彼ら自身もヒップホップカルチャーでの重要性を語っている程、ファッション&ストリートシーンでは避けては通れないシューズであると。

ヒップホップシーンを自ら中心で活動し続けてきた「KING OF DIGGIN' 」ことMURO氏だからこその感性が秀でたアイテムとなり、ストリートシーンの新たな歴史に名を刻むであろう1足が完成した「ワラビー」が待望のローンチ。

CLARKS" has a long history since its birth in 1825.
The model that director Mr. MURO chose for this tag team is the "Wallaby," which continues to have deep-rooted fans.
It is based on the fact that the Wallaby has been a fashion icon since the 1980s, mainly among HIP HOP artists from New York.
In the 90's, Lake Wong, a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, loved and wore Wallabies, and Ghostface Killer, also a member of the group, continued to use Wallabies, and they themselves have talked about their importance in the Hip Hop culture. They themselves have also talked about the importance of CLARKS in the hip-hop culture.

In the relationship between CLARKS and hip-hop, RECOGNIZE approaches the relationship from a new angle in the 2000s.
The original Wallabee model is kept as it is, with detachable fringe parts, and the body is painted in the same color as the body for a special specification.
The long-awaited launch of the "Wallabee" is a pair that will make a name for itself in the new history of the street scene, and is an item that excels because of the sensitivity of Mr. MURO, the "KING OF DIGGIN'" who has been active in the hip-hop scene at its center.

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