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In the 1990s, AVIREX was an inseparable part of the USA hip-hop wear scene.

The brand's leather jackets that took the world by storm at the time were worn by the likes of NOTORIOUS B.I.G., PETE ROCK, BIG L, NAS, HAVOC, NOREAGA, WU-TANG CLAN, FAT JOE, METHOD MAN, THE LOX ... You will be excited to see all of them.

DJ MURO has designed an all-black version of the GOALERS JACKET worn by NOTORIOUS B.I.G., one of the most brilliant figures in the history of AVIREX HIPHOP fashion. The design is reminiscent of NEW YORK, a city that ran around in search of sound and fashion.

KODP and RECOGNIZE patch are newly designed and added.


Leather type Cowhide

Lining 100% polyester

Ribbing: 100% acrylic

Pocket pouch 100% cotton

Embroidery: 100% rayon

Decoration 100% poly ester


Separate fabric: 100% cotton

Decoration: PVC

Precautions for handling and care
Water is the worst enemy of this item. When wet, it may cause color fading, color migration, water spots, loss of luster, and hardening.
If it gets wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth and hang it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
When wet, please avoid drying in direct sunlight or at high temperatures such as in a heater.
Due to the nature of leather, it cannot be dyed at high temperatures, so the color of dark-dyed items may migrate to clothing due to friction.
Dust and dirt may adhere to the product even after one use. Please wipe with a soft dry cloth frequently after use.
Leather cream varies depending on the type of leather. Please be sure to use a leather cream that is specially designed for your leather.
 In such a case, please make sure that the color does not fade on an inconspicuous area.
This product is embroidered with three-dimensional embroidery. Please be careful not to rub against or snag on rough surfaces such as accessories or surrounding walls when putting on or taking off the product.
Please avoid using a dryer.
Please be careful when wearing and storing this embroidery, as the color may fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent light due to its low light fastness.
Please note that the texture, thickness, and color of the product and its parts may vary even if they are the same product. This is a natural property of leather.
Leather will develop a more natural look and feel as it ages and is used more and more.
Please avoid direct sunlight as the leather parts will fade.
The hides of animals that have lived in the wild are considered to be the best quality genuine leather. Therefore, it is normal for raw hides to have various scars from natural daily life.
 This is also considered to be part of the rich texture of the original leather.
Please be careful with color fading and color migration.
Storing in a humid place may cause mold, so please dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
Please take out the product from time to time during storage, dry it in the shade, and inspect it.

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Please note that there may be slight deviations in measurements depending on the item.

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